Tired of tired friends?

Refer your friends to Emma and get €25.00 for each referral

Your friends will receive a discount code, which they can use to save €25.00 from the initial price of their Emma order. This voucher is only valid with a minimum spend of €290.00. If your friends decide to keep their mattress past the 200-night trial period, you will also receive a refund of €25.00!*

How it works

How it works

  • 1.
    Create an account or login
  • 2.
    Invite your friends and share your voucher code
  • 3.
    Make sure your friends use their voucher when they buy their Emma products
  • 4.
    Once your friend's 200-night trial has ended, we'll refund 50 Euros to the account details you have given us.

*Your friends will receive their voucher code to get €25.00 off their purchase via your chosen channel of communication. You can share your code with up to 8 friends The voucher can be used on all Emma products and in conjunction with other promotional codes for orders of at least €290.00. The referral code will be the first code to discount the initial price. Hence, any further discount applied will reduce the remaining price and not the initial price. Please make sure to update your bank details, and if your friend decides to keep their Emma products, you will get €25.00 straight to your chosen bank account. This offer is only valid if your friend does not return their Emma products within the 200-night trial period. Other T&C's apply.

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